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Summer 2021 Performances

Here we are, back at the start of another busy summer season! This is always a great time of year for live music but now, I think it is more so than ever before.

COVID-19 almost completely shut down the music industry. An unbelievable number of live music venues across the globe closed their doors for good as a result. It has been incredibly encouraging to see artists and bands getting back out there again in (almost) full swing over the last few months! Seeing these venues come back to life and watching how ecstatic the audiences have been has honestly made me pretty emotional. *happy tears of course*

Now... As many of you know, I’ve been performing at venues in Northern Virginia wine country on a regular basis for a few years. Every weekend throughout the summer, you could find me playing at local wineries, breweries, restaurants, and theaters. I’m very grateful to these businesses for bringing me in so often! I’ve gotten to connect with so many wonderful people over the years. The photo below is from my 2011 performance at Franklin Park Arts Center in my hometown of Purcellville, Virginia. It was one of my first times playing songs I’d written for an audience. How was that already 10 years ago?! This summer will be looking a bit different for me though...

I’m working on new music (AHH!) and I feel that it’s important for me to put as much of my creative energy into bringing these songs to life as I can so I can finally share them. Don’t worry, I’ll still be performing in NoVa on a few occasions this summer! You can find all the details HERE. But when I’m not up north, I’ll be down south in Nashville working hard on this long-awaited next musical chapter! Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ;)

love always,


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