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Artist Emma Rowley stands in front of a blue sky in a sparkling orange top while shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight with her hand.


"The appealingly watchful-faced Emma Rowley..."

-The New York Times, March 2008 (Ben Brantley)

"What happens when a childhood Broadway star grows up?" Well, this is the exact question Emma Rowley asked herself as she stepped off stage for the last time in New York City (Lupone Gypsy, 2008 & Bye Bye Birdie, 2009). It left her, wondering, "what comes next?" After performances on national television and the iconic stage at Carnegie Hall, she knew she was destined to have a career behind a microphone. Rowley continued paving her way towards her dream by moving to Nashville, TN, and attending Belmont University. At Belmont, Rowley honed in on her songwriting craft and shaped her voice, which further solidified the groundwork that would become the base for a career as a Recording Artist. 


After graduation, Rowley found herself returning to her roots in Purcellville, Virginia. While she still traveled back and forth between Tennessee and Virginia for shows, the step away from the Nashville market allowed her to focus on her artistry and make lasting connections that would help pave the way for her future. In Purcellville, Rowley came to befriend Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer, two collaborators that she holds near and dear and who have helped give voice to the new chapter of music Rowley will release.


2022 will be a big year for this budding artist; it will showcase a shift in her musical expression, highlighting a more grown-up, mature Rowley. A blend between rock and pop, the music to come will showcase lyrical density destined to leave fans

wanting more.


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