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Artist Emma Rowley stands in front of a blue sky in a sparkling orange top while shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight with her hand.


"The appealingly watchful-faced Emma Rowley..."

-The New York Times, March 2008 (Ben Brantley)

Imagine a childhood spent dazzling Broadway audiences, basking in the limelight of New York City's iconic stages. For Emma Rowley, that was her reality, starring in unforgettable productions like "Gypsy" and "Bye Bye Birdie." But as the curtain fell on her last performance, a new chapter beckoned—one filled with uncertainty and boundless potential.

Stepping away from the footlights, Emma found herself at a crossroads, pondering the age-old question: "What comes next?" With a career already marked by national television appearances and commanding Carnegie Hall's revered stage at just 13 years old, she knew her destiny would always lie in the entertainment industry.

Driven by a passion for music that burned brighter than any Broadway marquee, Emma embarked on a journey to Nashville, the beating heart of America's music scene. There, amidst the vibrant melodies and soul-stirring rhythms, she honed her craft at Belmont University, immersing herself in the art of songwriting.

But Emma's path to musical mastery was anything but conventional. Drawing from a diverse tapestry of influences—from the raw energy of rock to the infectious melodies of pop—she forged a sound uniquely her own, blending genres with fearless abandon.

In June 2023, Emma Rowley emerged as a force to be reckoned with, unleashing her debut album, "Orange," upon the world. With seven electrifying tracks, the album pulsates with energy, each song a testament to Emma's lyrical prowess and raw vocal talent. From anthemic rockers to haunting ballads, "Orange" is a sonic journey that leaves listeners craving more.

But Emma's musical talents don't end there. As a member of the folk band Every Echo, she stretches her vocal cords and songwriting chops, their melodies weaving through advertisements on MTV and Discovery+. And in a testament to her versatility, Emma lends her voice to SOLARIA, an AI vocalist developed by Eclipsed Sounds, providing a professional touch to music makers across the globe.

With every note she sings and every word she pens, Emma Rowley proves herself to be more than just a recording artist—she's a storyteller, a trailblazer, and an undeniable force in the ever-evolving landscape of music. And as she continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, one thing remains certain: Emma Rowley's journey has only just begun.


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