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My debut album 'Orange' is OUT NOW!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Album artwork for recording artist Emma Rowley's new album "Orange" featuring photo by Jordan Merrigan.

My debut album has arrived and I couldn’t be happier or more excited to finally be sharing these 7 songs.

This project began forming unexpectedly a few years ago as I was coming out of a particularly pivotal season of life. My early 20s brought a great deal of trial, error, and clarity about myself and the world around me. I finally began to feel like I’d found my voice, both in music as well as in life. Now, I’m no longer so hesitant to use it. I believe this newfound sense of self is evident in the writing on this record, which played an important role in bringing me to where I am today.

The color orange and the number 7 hold deep meaning for me. It only felt right that my first record incorporated both. Especially since the overall message of this album is one of self-discovery and standing strong in the face of adversity, which are themes I have spent my whole life tackling.

Some things I hope you take away from this album: you were built strong enough to weather life’s storms… if the wool gets pulled over your eyes, don’t beat yourself up for not seeing the wolf sooner… some of the people, places and emotional experiences we encounter in life are only meant to be fleeting lessons learned so, with gratitude, let them go… sometimes you can't truly appreciate a hometown until you've left it in your rearview and you find yourself longing to return but realize 'home' is a feeling that can bloom wherever you plant it... you deserve unforgettable moments and the memories they leave you with so don’t ever allow anyone to selfishly reframe them…

Thank you endlessly to everyone who made this moment possible. I’ll admit I feel unworthy of the immense talent each of you brought to this project. We poured so much of ourselves into these songs and I pray they find their way to the listeners who need them.

“I’m taking back what was always mine. I was hiding there the whole time. now, I’m orange… it was never yours.”

Production: Kip Allen & Todd Wright

Writers: Todd Wright, Ryan Wright, Dana Rogers, Graham Bechler, and myself

Musicians: Kip Allen (drums and other instrumentation), Todd Wright (guitar and other Instrumentation), Ethan Mentzer (guitar and synths), Sam Rodberg (bass), Kevin Skaff (guitar), David Henry (strings), myself on piano

Featured artist: Sean C Kennedy on “Safe”

Mixing: Ethan Mentzer

Mastering: Sam Rodberg

Album Photography: Jordan Merrigan

Various Filmed Visuals: Tyler Conrad, Marshall Loren

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