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Meet the artist featured on "Safe", Sean C Kennedy

As many of you know, my friend Sean C Kennedy is featured on my latest single, "Safe". I wanted to take a moment to properly introduce him! Below, you can listen to one of his recent song releases, "Hurts to see you go", as well as learn more about his artistry...

Scotland born Sean C.Kennedy is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville,TN. Kennedy is most recognized for his revealing yet purposeful lyric and genre-fluid musical stylings. His influences include the likes of Prince, Bonnie Raitt, Coldplay, John Mayer and Amos Lee. Throughout his career thus far Kennedy has explored various angles of the myriad of musical genres such as folk, country and pop rock. His 2020 EP ‘Let Life Love You’ contains a strong electronic pop presence, whilst never losing its emphasis on a meaningful take-away in its abundant themes. As an independent artist, Sean has racked over 5 Million plays on Apple Music’s top playlists such as “New Music Daily”, “Today at Apple” and “Acoustic Chill”. In 2021 Kennedy released yet another EP called “Big Heart” showcasing the singer-songwriter roots deeply instilled in him from childhood. You can hear the impacts of the Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt etc. in the ‘Big Heart’ EP. In the fall of 2021, Sean was sparked with inspiration towards a new musical journey. Kennedy who is not a stranger to constantly recreating himself feels he is growing like never before as a musician, singer and ultimately a performer. Most currently he has tapped into his indie rock roots with a brand new sound sure to delight the listener.‘ Speaking about this new venture he says, “Being patient has been a beautiful learning curve when it comes to my art. I have to let myself grow before I release music again”. This being considered Sean’s first single “Hurts To See You Go” will be the front runner and curtain call introduction to a full album release in spring of 2023.

Thank you all so much for the love and support on our new song, "Safe"! Give it a listen, add it to your favorite playlist, and share it with a friend that may need a reason to smile today.

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