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Guess who is the voice of new AI-powered virtual vocalist, Solaris?!

Drum roll please... That's right! You guessed it. Yours truly is the voice behind this exciting new project.

Solaris is an AI-powered singer and will make up the very first native English vocal library for Dreamtonics’ Synthesizer V. released a great article diving into the technical details of this project. Click HERE to check it out!

As of right now, the Indiegogo fundraiser to support the creation of this software has almost hit the halfway mark of its goal amount. In the video above, you'll get a taste of what this software will be able to do. Yup, that's my voice as Solaris on my very own song, "Miles"!

Help us bring Solaris to life! We can't wait to see (and hear) where this journey takes her after funding is complete and she officially becomes available.Keep an eye on my blog here or sign-up for my news letter (on the "contact" page) to stay up-to-date on all things Solaris!

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