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I attended the NAMM Show!

American recording artist Emma Rowley at NAMM holding AI vocaloid singer SOLARIA packaging.

My very first NAMM Show was extra special! I am so honored to have represented Eclipsed Sounds as the voice provider for SOLARIA. Contributing to an AI voice database has been an unexpected dream come true.

To all my fellow singers, musicians, and creatives out there, I know products of this nature sound a little scary. But I’m here to shout from the rooftops how incredible Eclipsed Sounds has been throughout this process. They’ve developed an amazing lineup of AI singers while keeping ethical practices at the forefront of their vision as they forge ahead into uncharted territory. Their top priority is protecting everyone involved in the development of these products. Eclipsed Sounds is setting a fantastic example of what industry standards should look like, whether they handle AI or not, and showcasing a very positive side of AI technology.

Thank you to all the fans of SOLARIA for loving her as much as we do! Bringing a vocalist to the fingertips of music makers around the world has truly been an honor. And as always, a major shout out to Eclipsed Sounds for trusting me with being the foundation of SOLARIA’s voice.

Learn more about SOLARIA at

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