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Story Behind the Song: "Me + You"

Dreamy synthesizers, lush vocal layers, and thumping drums largely define "Me + You". I like to refer to this song as my vibey summer anthem...

The inspiration for this song comes from my time spent at Loudoun County High School. I was only a student there for three years but the memories I made left a lasting impression. I wrote "Me + You" more specifically about my best friend during that time. Whenever I'm visiting my hometown, driving through the streets feeling seventeen again, I think of her and all the great times we had together. Lucky for me, her friendship is the kind that will be lifelong ♡

There was no better place to record "Me + You" than at Todd Wright's studio just up the road from where all my high school memories were made. We collaborated with the fantastic Shane Hines while writing the song and then Todd and Ethan Mentzer (the dream team as I like to say) brought the track to life.

Now, it's hard to pick just one because every song is like a baby to the songwriter, but I wanted to share a favorite lyric. Something about the bridge has always felt extra magical...

"Under a red sky into a violet truth, out of the midnight blue... We've got our hearts tied. We are the chosen few."

This is one of those songs that should be left up to the interpretation and imagination of the listener. Put yourself inside the lyrics, apply them to your own nostalgia, and then go live them out this Friday night with your best friend. "Me + You" encapsulates the feelings of youth and freedom.

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